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Have a smaller package you need shipped internationally fast?

Have a smaller package you need shipped internationally fast? Hankyu Line’s send my stuff service ships 01 kg to 100kg packages from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world in 3-5 days for most destinations. Including door pick-up, customs clearance, and door delivery, send my stuff is a quick, simple, and complete service. Also provides domestic and international standard stuff services for business customers as well as e-commerce logistics and facilitation services.


In a world where luggage allowances on flights are slowly decreasing, but charges for excess baggage are rapidly increasing, airline customers are often disappointed with the very few things they can take with them on their trips. You might be looking to use a budget airline but discover that you’re only able to take hand luggage without having to pay an extra charge, or you’re taking a leisure holiday skiing, surfing or golfing and they’ll refuse to take your outsized equipment and excess luggage on board without forcing you to pay an extortionate excess charge.

That’s where Send My stuff comes in; we can offer excess baggage shipping to you for whatever you want to take on your trip anywhere in the world. We offer excellent rates, with discounts for students shipping abroad, so you don’t need to fear the wrath of airline excess charges. Even if you just want to make your travel a bit easier to negotiate without having to spend long hours queuing at check in desks and luggage carousels and taking the risk that your bags might have got lost en route, we can get your unaccompanied luggage forwarded to your destination safe and sound.

Send My Stuff has a quick quote tool that will provide you with estimation for a delivery date as well as our best rates for shipping excess luggage at the click of a button. Booking your luggage shipping with us couldn’t be any easier as our instructions guide you seamlessly through the process, helping you fill in any custom forms and giving handy tips on how to pack your bags and what not to send unaccompanied along the way so that you can get your delivery booked within 5 minutes.

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